Zeytinlik and Temple Knights:

Zeytinlik village situated on the north hills of Beşparmak Mountains, is one of the oldest villages in Cyprus. During war times, the forestry on the North hill looking down the sea was occupied by British Lords, and given to Karmi Greeks who planted wild olives in Besparmak, which made the village lose its thousand year-old heritage. Despite that, Zeytinlik (Templos) had been almost the factory of vegetables and oil for Girne up to 1960s.  It was formerly known as Templos, due to Templar Knights that are rumored to have lived here in the Middle Ages. There are also other reports about the name Templos being the title of the Templar Knight’s commander at the time. In Venice maps, this village is called Tepia, Tempi, Telmu, Temp. The fact that Zeytinlik village leads to one of the three exits of St.Hilarion Castle is another proof that backs the theory that Templar Knights once lived here.

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